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Tara Guest House Room, New Delhi, India. =0= Tara Guest House Room, New Delhi, India. =0=
The room at the Tara Guest House was pretty similar to the room at the Y as shown above. Initially I was going to be roommates with John, but we were on the fourth floor (actually fifth) and that was too many stairs for him and his back so instead I am rooming with Derek. Dawa had gotten water for us which was very sweet and also arranged for us to have sheets. Here is the bathroom. It is virtually the same as the Y except for the ommission of a shower curtain to help keep the toilet area dry. What to do? The other problem with our room was that the shower head was so clogged it only released a mist so you really had to use the faucet at the mid height. Not great but workable. Tara Guest House Bathroom, New Delhi, India. =0=
Tara Guest House Bathroom, New Delhi, India. =0= Tara Guest House Room Entrance, New Delhi, India. =0=
Above is the hot water heater for our bathroom. They asked us to leave it off and just turn it on 15 minutes before showering (to help the unit last longer, also save energy). It was quite adequate while the one in the Y wasn't quite up to a full shower. Also above is the door to our room. Notice that is bolted with a padlock. We used one of my locks as I had two keys so we could each go out, but the door would not stay shut unless you bolted it from the inside making it hard to leave. If I was going out then Derek who might be napping needed to bolt the door and then unbolt it when I returned. I never fully appreciated the advantages of locks built into doors. As I had gotten a good nights sleep at the Y, I went exploring. Here is some new construction (and there was a lot in Delhi and the Tibetan Camp) with bamboo scaffolding above the narrow passage way. Tibetan Camp, New Delhi, India. =0=
Tibetan Camp, New Delhi, India. =0= Tibetan Camp, New Delhi, India. =0=
The Tibetan camp is about six square blocks in size, but has only walking passages in its interior. Some of the passages deadend with greenery which on investigation is an open field. The Tibetans seem to confined to a very limited area which may well have once been a camp, now developed. Certainly echoes of the Jewish ghettos. The next day Dawa arranged for private cars to take us (four per car) to visit His Eminence 12th Tai Situ who has not been able to leave India for 15 years because of visa problems. Here is his residence in the Delhi area. Below is Lama Dudjom Dorjee or commonly just Lamala amongst our group visiting with one of the older lamas there. Visit with His Eminence 12th Tai Situ. =0=
Lama Dudjom Dorjee. =0= Lama Dudjom Dorjee. =0=
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