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Fifth Peak. =0= Fifth Peak. =0=
In early December I resolved to get back into hiking and joined the Hiking Mates on Meetup for the Fifth Peak hike (one of the five peaks aroung Lake George). It looked to be a way cool hike, but early on one member of our group of nine had a siezure (first one in two years). We stopped and helped him until he recovered in a few minutes. Just then another group of three was coming up and there was a neurologist in their group. Our ailing member had met us at the trail head, so four of us walked him back to his car and I drove him in his car back to his house (where he could take his meds) while another member of our group followed me in his car. The other two escorts then hoofed it up to the peak. When we got back they were mostly done, but we had time to investigate a water fall just off the trail head shown here and in this video. Fifth Peak. =0=
The next week I took a hike to the top of Bennett Hill. There were two members of the FUUSA church, Sybil on the left and Fred on the right. Bennett Hill. =0=
Bennett Hill. =0= Bennett Hill. =0=
This was a beginner's hike and that was food as I found that my hiking endurance was pretty low even though I regularly bike to work. Go figure! The trail to top was not very spectacular as this hike was pretty close in the Bennett Hill Preserve (not one of the long time 'forever wild' park like the Catskills and Adirondacks). There was a nice view from the summit, but most other views were pretty overgrown. Along the trail there was an old bathtub which was fed from a natural spring. The tub was cast iron and had a crack in the bottom, I presume caused by water freezing in it in the winter. Doh! Bennett Hill. =0=
Bennett Hill. =0= Bennett Hill. =0=
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