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KTD, Woodstock, NY. =0= KTD, Woodstock, NY. =0=
On the way back from the Unison kirtan group in New Paltz, NY, I was driving pretty close to the KTD monastery outside of Woodstock, NY. The Karmapa had led a retreat there just a few days before, so decided to visit and see how things were. It turns out there was quite a crowd there as the Karmapa was still staying there, but was away visiting another location, due back 'shortly'. I went into the main shrine room and meditated for a bit while the people waiting for the Karmapa's return chanted (as shown in this video). KTD, Woodstock, NY. =0=
KTD, Woodstock, NY. =0= KTD, Woodstock, NY. =0=
Brian. =0= Brian. =0=
August 3, 2011 was the big day for working on the OrthoEMR package. That was the day we took the Drummond Test to see if we met the government's 'Meaningful Use' requirements for an EMR package that would qualify for the rebates for doctors using the package. Above are pictures of me. Here and below are pictures of the lead of our test team, Kim, from Merge in Florida. Also below is Craig, the Merge development manager from Dallas, TX (previously did the same job from Stryker). The test was done on line by a certified test corporation, Drummond, and their proctor, Kyle. Craig typed / selected what was needed and our proctor saw the shared screen. The audio was in a conference call that was recorded (and of course relevant screen shots were made to demonstrate that we could do the required tasks). Kim. =0=
Kim. =0= Craig. =0=
Craig. =0= Avin. =0=
I wanted to get pictures of the whole gang. Of course for the last six or eight weeks I had been working 60 to 80 hours per week and my camera hadn't seen too much use. I set the battery to charging, but with all that was going on I forgot to put the battery back in. Doh! These pictures were taken with my phone; they are OK, but not as nice as my camera would get. Above is another picture of Craig. Next to that is Avin, the manager of our group at Here is a picture of Jim, Craig's manager, from Merge in Toronto. We had a few problems during the test one of which was with our ability to send electronic lab results in the HL7 messaging protocol. Below is a picture Mark, our HL7 guy, working under the gun to fix his part of the system while the other parts of the test were going on. I (along with Craig) did the user interface pieces of the electronic prescriptions section and there was a minor glitch that we were able to fix during the test. Also below is a picture of David who did our work on generic queries and reports. He was an intern from R.P.I. who has stayed on for the fall. Sadly, Emily, the OrthoEMR Product Manager from Chicago was not out for the last few days, though she had worked with us for many weeks (so no picture of Emily, though huge kudos to her as she was instrumental in making the project a success). Jim. =0=
Mark. =0= David. =0=
Ben and Adam. =0= eTransmedia group. =0=
Above is a picture of Ben with Adam in the background. Adam had done the messaging for electronic prescriptions and had to do the other half of the fix to meet the test requirements (we were sending one type of code for the durg, but needed to send another as well). There was also a glitch with our Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) in that they didn't pass the test program which verified the format of the electronic document. Ben and Justus worked hard for almost a week getting the test program to accept our CCDs (there were lots of poorly documented format requirements). Also above is a picture of other members of the gang, a friend, David, Cher, Mark, and Bethany. Here is Steven, a Merge employee from Toronto, who helped with our reporting requirements. The other glitch we had was with those reports and Craig worked diligently for a couple of days to get those sorted out. However, we did pass the test within less than a week (we had one hour after the first day to complete the remaining test and it had to be within two weeks) so we were good. The separate certification of our ability to send electronic prescriptions to Surescripts also went well. It started on August 6th and was completed in record time in less than a week (they have a three part process). There was really only one glitch that Adam, Craig and I fixed concerning errors on refill requests from the pharmacy. So OrthoEMR was certified and released. Yippee! We celebrated with a group dinner at Brown's Brewery, shown below. Steven. =0=
Brown's Brewery, Troy, NY. =0= Brown's Brewery, Troy, NY. =0=
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