Travels, Life In Albany, 2011

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Entrance to Hudson bike path, next to SUNY admin. =0= SUNY administrative building. =0=
In mid-February Jay and I drove to various places in Albany delivering copies of the 'summons' in a federal law suit for discrimination against SUNY Albany for discrimination in denying my application to enter the MSW program, not following their own policies and so on. It was fun. Above and here are pictures of SUNY administration buildings (for the whole SUNY system, not just the university in Albany). It looks way cool. I was not really energetic about filing the suit, but as I have so much time on my hands I figured I might as well. SUNY administrative building. =0= back entrance. =0= RPI computation and nanotechnology building. =0=
Shortly thereafter I had an interview at to work on a software project to add enhancements to OrthoPad, an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) specializing in orthopaedic practices. They needed to add certain features in order to qualify for federal promotional funds. The product itself is sold by (bought recently from Stryker) and we were under contract to It was a most hectic schedule and so several people were hired to work on the project with me as the project lead. front entrance. =0=
Bike route from =0= Bike route to =0= is only five miles from the house where I am staying in Watervliet, so it was a really nice find. I can bicicyle in to work and home along the routes shown above. I need to cross the Hudson on the bridge shown here and below. It would be a really awful bridge except that they have bike and pedestrian walways off to the side. There is also the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail along the Hudson which takes me directly to the ramp up to the bridge. Nice. Troy-Menands Bridge. =0=
Troy-Menands Bridge. =0= Ramp from the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail. =0=
Here is a view of the Menands bridge from the end of the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail in Watervliet, NY. . =0=
Ramp from the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail. =0= Rt 378 in Troy, NY. =0=
Above is the bike path along the Hudson from the top of the ramp. On the other side of the bridge, the road is quite busy, but there is usually a break that allows me to scamper across the street without waiting for the interminable light. On the way in to work, I turn right at the light and head up a very steep hill on Morrison Avenue, but there is a sidewalk so that I can walk part way up the hill (ride a third, walk a third, and ride a third). On the way home I stay on Rt 4, which is longer, but is downhill and an easier ride. No space for bikes really, but on the way down I can keep up with traffic. Below is the view from the light at the bottom of the hill on Rt 4 and the approach to the bridge after the light. Morrison Avenue in Troy, NY. =0=
Rt 378 from Rt 4 in Troy, NY. =0= Rt 378 approaching Menands Bridge from Troy, NY. =0=
My former wife, Barbara, took a picture of the apple tree I grew from seed and then took cross country, finally planting it in her backyard. She posted the picture on You can see it travelling in my car and then when first planted. Apple Tree in Copake, NY. =0=
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