Travels, Life In Albany, 2010

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On Sunday morning, August 1, I took Eric to the airport in Huntsville, AL, and then headed to Chatanooga, TN to visit with Herb and Ruby. I stayed the night, but left very early, 4AM, so that I could get to Roanoke, VA by 11AM to turn in the Avis rental car (due by 11:40AM before the additional fees started accruing). Then I backtracked a bit to visit with Debbie and Russ. I had been friends with Debbie in High School. Debbie has a Polaroid picture of us before we went to the Military Ball which I think was in our sophomore year. Yikes we looked uncomfortable. On noticing the broom and picture we made a current picture. I think we are more comfortable. Debbie went into the Army a year or so after graduation and met Russ. We kept in touch for a few years, but then we lost touch (too many changes of address), but found each other through Facebook. :-) . =0=
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Debbie and Russ's house in N. Augusta, SC. =0= Russ and Debbie. =0=
Debbie and Russ have bought a house in N. Augusta, SC (above). That is just across the border from Augusta, GA where I got my Signal Corps training as a new officer in 1977 at Fort Gordon, GA. Al's Family Restaurant, N. Augusta, SC. =0=
Al's Family Restaurant, N. Augusta, SC. =0= N. Augusta, SC. =0=
We had dinner at Al's Family Restaurant which had reasonable prices and home cooked meals. It had concrete floors, recently painted, for a distinctive atmosphere. We then visited one of the parks along the Chattooga River (the border between Georgia and SC). N. Augusta, SC. =0=
The park was quite pretty and I was able to get some nice sunset colors. N. Augusta, SC. =0=
N. Augusta, SC. =0= N. Augusta, SC. =0=
We also visited the new Town Hall for N. Augusta which is locally referred to as the Taj Mahal. It is very nice. N. Augusta has several older neighborhoods which are very working class but also some very nice new neighborhoods which are very up scale. I presume that N. Augusta is the up scale suburb for Augusta now. N. Augusta, SC. =0=
Debbie and Russ. =0= N. Augusta, SC. =0=
We had a great time visiting and took some nice pictures. Eric and I had visited briefly on the way to Atlanta, but didn't have time for pictures or much visiting. Debbie and Russ. =0=
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