Travels, Life In Albany, 2010

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Long Path Hike, Catskills, NY. =0= Long Path Hike, Catskills, NY. =0=
In Albany and many other areas, has expanded beyond just help travelers find couches to sleep on for a few nights to also sponsor events. John (shown here) hosts a area group for the mid-Hudson valley and organizes weekly hikes. He had just gotten back from a trip to Europe and schedules a last minute hike for July 4th weekend. I was the only one who casme, but it was fun. We met at the end of the hike in Peekamoose, NY and left his car there on Friday night and I stayed the night with him and his wife Stephani. The hike started close to a bridge and falls (above). John. =0=
The hike was almost ten miles. There weren't any great elevation changes and the trails were well maintained. However, as the Catskills and Adirodacks are nature preserves which, according to the New York State Constitution, must be left wild. As such, they don't preserve views and so the trails are scenic themselves, but there are not many great views (only ones that occur naturally). Below are pictures of myself and John at the end of our hike. Long Path Hike, Catskills, NY. =0=
Brian. =0= John. =0=
At the end of our hike, there was a great swimming hole, Blue Hole. It was really fantastic. A natural pool along a stream that was about 25 feet long, 15 feet deep, and 20 feet wide, all limestone with steep cliffs into it, great for diving. Blue Hole, Peekamoose, NY. =0=
However, the water was about 61 degrees (F) and so most people did not stay in long. I dove in from the near ledge and same to the far end. It was still quite cold to me and so then I swam back and got out. I was glad to rinse off the dirt and sweat of the hike, and then the warmth of the sun felt so good as I warned up. John stayed in the water for about twenty minutes. Blue Hole, Peekamoose, NY. =0=
Moby 2 home. =0= Electircian's Table. =0=
When helping out with Restore pickups, we visited the home above where there were several items to pick up as the couple who lived there was moving to Virginia. It was hot and humid and on a second day (Steve joined us) and we got the huge and heavy electrician's table above. However, Victoria had been sick and they didn't have time to pack and move into storage as much as they would have liked and so we weren't able to pick up the refrigerator (shown here) which I have nick named Moby 2, the sequel from Moby. However, we should be able to pick up Moby 2 in September. Moby 2. =0=
They have lots of impressive old churches in Albany. Here is one very close to the City Hall. . =0=
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