Travels, Life in Albany, 2010

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When I had lived in Westchester I enjoyed taking ballroom dance classes via the Yorktown Park and Rec, but then they changed it so that it was only for couples (and Yorktown is very suburban with mostly couples). I checked and Albany adult education (through the schools) also required couples for there ballroom dance classes. Doh! However, Troy adult education encouraged singles to sign up (perhaps because the instructor is single). Here is the elementary school where the classes in Rumba and Chacha for beginners was offered. Here is a short video as the instructor teachers the women's part of a Rumba step. Below is a picture of zzz, the other single guy, dancing with xxx. xxx is taking the class with yyy, her mother-in-law to be. Her fiance is living in NJ with their wedding scheduled for July (same month as David and Nina's planned wedding). Here is also a short video of xxx practicing the Rumba with yyy. PS 16, Troy, NY. =0=
xxx and zzz. =0= xxx and zzz. =0=
xxx and yyy. =0= . =0=
This is CJ. She is the single woman in the class. Above is yyy and CJ as they chatted. xxx and yyy signed up as a couple and they are dancing above with yyy taking the lead / male part. Below are pictures of my pumpkin plants for this year as well as some newly potted elephant ear philodendrums (taro plants). The left picture was taken with my camera and the right picture was taken with my new Droid. I love it, but the lense should be wiped off before you take pictures. Doh! yyy and CJ. =0=
Plants. =0= Plants. =0=
Almost two weeks after my hernia surgery I felt up to swinging a hammer and went back to the Habitat for Humanity build where they are now resuming and finishing up the Stephen Street house. We have mostly been doing dry walling on the interior and now, painting and trim. The weather also got warm enough that we were able to put up vinyl siding (it gets too brittle to work with in the cold). The space between the two houses was too narrow for the usual scaffolding so they used jacks, shown here and below. This picture was taken with my Droid (this time with the lense clean) Below are similar pictures taken with my camera. In the pictures below there is a new Tuesday volunteer, Bob (same first and last name as the mover I worked with in Vancouver). Stephen Street Build. =0=
Bob. =0= Frank. =0=
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